Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday (3/7/2010)

We met at 11:15 this morning to drive to the airport. Our flights went smoothly and our awesome hosts met us at the Guatemalan airport.

The group passing time by playing UNO in the Nashville Airport. (I think Chris won.)

We are all now safe and sound here in the Nazarene Center in Guatemala City. After getting situated in our rooms, we had a group meeting, and Dr. Paschal took us on a brief moonlit tour of the compound. Everyone is now currently snuggling under the covers of our bunk beds due to Dr. P’s 11:00 curfew. (I think this time is subject to discussion.) For all the parents reading, if you haven’t heard from your child(ren) or were disappointed by an abbreviated phone call, everyone is doing well and excited for an early start tomorrow. Breakfast will be at 7:00 and we will head over to the hospital for a full day’s work at 8:00.

The ladies on our late-night stroll around the Nazarene

The men under the moon light.

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