Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thank You SO MUCH!

This trip was remarkable and we have so many people to thank for it!
Thank you to all! We could not have done it without you!

Cecilia Peña, Pedro Merida -- La Fundación de Shalom
Dr. Ligia Figueroa, Angeles Muralles -- The Moore Pediatric Surgery Center
Henri Santizo of Agromedica
Dr. Luis Zepeda, Carlos Ruiz, Gerson Cabrerra, Maricarmen Anguiano, and Marcela Figueroa -- Hospital Infantil Juan Pablo II
Lazaro Vasquez, Carmen Grajera -- Hospital Maternidad de Palin
Odra Flores, Anabela Morales, Dr. Nelson Mayen -- Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro
Prof. Carlos Esquit Hernandez and his students -- Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
Henry Lima -- Our driver in Guatemala
Clara Chacon -- Antigua community volunteer (and Dr. P.’s awesome Spanish teacher)
Lindsey Moore and Karen Bice -- Project C.U.R.E.
Wilson Adams -- our Teaching Assistant
Dr. Nick Adams -- our professorial co-leader
John Dunbar -- engineer extraordinaire
Prof. Todd Giorgio, Tina Shaw, Amanda King -- VU Department of Biomedical Engineering
Prof. Chris Rowe, Brenda Ellis, Heidi Hall -- VUSE Engineering Communications
Michele Cedzich -- VU School of Engineering
Dean Burgess Mitchell -- VUSE Dean's Office Academic Services
Adam McKeever-Burgett -- VUSE Dean's Office Academic Services
Katherine Cuthbert -- Office of Wellness Programs and Alcohol Education
Michele Cedzich -- VUSE Dean's Office
Eric Sneeden -- Vanderbilt Student Centers
Scott Kominkiewicz -- Office of Admissions
John Lasiter -- Barnes and Noble at Vanderbilt
Jamie Adams -- VU Informtion technology
Phil Vermeulen, Drew Casey -- VU Information Technology
Prof. Ted Fischer, Avery Dickins de Girón --VU Center for Latin American Studies
Dr. Shari Green and Penny Meek -- VU Zerfoss Student Health Center
Dr. Stuart McGrane -- VU Department of Anesthesiology
Jordan Halasz, Dr. Arna Banerjee -- VU Center for Experiential Learning and Assessment
Kathryn Hofeldt -- VU Global Support Services
Sabrina H. Kronk -- VU Finance & Travel

Lastly, We would also like to take a minute and appreciate our dream team, BME Service Learning in Guatemala, Spring 2016:

Dr. Cynthia Paschal
Dr. Nick Adams
Alison Williams
Cassandra Wessely
Claire Lafferty
Fuyao Chen
Jasmine Greer
Joe Hodge
Linus Lee
Lydia McKeithan
Meredith Huszagh
Quinn Weinberg
Ryan Spears
Sami Kopinsky

Thank you so much for such a fruitful and meaningful experience!