Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday (3/11/2010)

I like the picture book format, so I'm going to stick with that...

We spent most of our day at the National Hospital of Antigua. This was definitely the most productive day yet. We split up to address all the problems the hospital staff dictated. Unfortunately, I do not know everything that was worked on throughout the day, but here are a few pictures of things I witnessed first hand. Chris worked on an autoclave with Lina and Toby.

Joseph, Rosie, and Ryan ran diagnostics on all the patient monitors in the surgical recovery suite. Though they did not have the specific spare parts that were needed, they were able to make a list of the parts the hospital needs to order, and assuming the hospital follows their directions, all the monitors will soon be fully functional.
Garrett, Ryan, Kyle, and Elise worked on surgical lights in the operating suite. The surgeons were complaining that the focusing mechanism for the lights was not functioning correctly. They were able to solve this problem, as well as replace some bulbs that had burned out.
We were at the hospital from before 8:00 am until after 4:30 pm with only a brief break for lunch. After this productive day, we took a much-needed hour and a half to ourselves before walking to a highly-recommended restaurant for dinner. We were joined by Dr. P’s Spanish teacher and Dr. White, a retired dean of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering. The food was delicious.

After dinner, we took salsa lessons from Elise. We are all professional dancers now. Sort of. Everyone should go watch Elise perform at Cafe con Leche on March 27th.

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