Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday (3/8/2010)

Our day began with a 7:00 breakfast consisting of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. We left the Nazarene Center at 8:00, and upon arriving at the hospital, we were taken on a tour of the facilities. We then divided into groups to work on the assigned equipment. With the exception of a brief lunch break, we worked until 4:00, a long day filled with hard work.

An amiable doctor giving us a tour of the surgery wing.

(Right) Garrett and Elise working on an electrosurgical unit.

(Below) Local children who strategically sought us out for our delicious cookies.

Back at the Nazarene Center, we enjoyed a game of soccer before dinner and then roasted marshmallows over a small campfire. Everyone retired early, worn out, but excited to continue work tomorrow.

Toby being efficient by roasting multiple marsh-mallows at one time.

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