Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday (3/13/2010)

We started the day off by hiking the volcano Pacaya. The bottom was covered in trees and seemed like any other hike. Here, we see Toby, Dr. P, and Ed White, the previous dean of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering who joined us in Antigua.

This picture was taken through a break in the trees. A mystical floating volcano. Impressive. Thanks to Garrett for the mind-boggling photograph.

Eventually, the trees gave way to a green field. That was abruptly cut short, however, by the end of a lava flow from an eruption in 2006. Here is the first bit of the flow we encountered. In the background, we see the peak of the volcano we climbed.

Garrett also has a camera that will take panorama pictures. Very useful considering the amazing view from way up on the volcano. This is Kyle and Ryan in the limited range of green field before it gave way to black rocks.

At this point, there was no more green anything. From here on the volcano was covered in sharp, jagged, hardened lava from the 2006 eruption. The sign tells us “Danger, high risk area.” This was after a sign warning us that by hiking any farther, we were exposing ourselves to gases that were dangerous to our health. It was also before another sign that that read, “Peligro, Flujos de lava,” which means, “Danger! Flows of lava.” Despite our ability to read, we continued to the top.

A Flujo de lava.

A view from up near the top of Pacaya.

After getting back from the Volcano and showering thoroughly, we spent a couple of hours in the artisan market getting souvenirs for ourselves and our friends and family back home.

We went to a super nice restaurant for our last night in Guatemala. The Casa Santo Domingo, a converted monastery. The food was awesome and they had live music. Dr. P’s birthday isn’t for
a little while, but we figured it was close enough.
(Another video.)

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