Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday (3/14/2010)

Here ends the blog for the 2010 Service Trip!

Some people went to church, some went back to the artisan market. Some did both. Then we packed up and went to the airport back in Guatemala City. The flight back to Miami went smoothly, and, after the four-hour planned layover and the one-hour unplanned flight delay, so did the flight back to Nashville. We landed around 1:00 am and arrived back on campus by 1:45 am.

We would like to give special thanks to the following people and organizations for contributing to our wonderful spring break service learning experience:

Maria Jose de Gallardo
Elisa Arenales
Sr. & Sra. Arenales
Cindy & Raj Bhavsar
Jerry Collins
Bob Seay
Keith Loiseau
All our donors!
Tina Shaw
John Dunbar
Ray Erlandson
Steve Wadley
VUSE Dean’s Office
Mark Bandas, F. Clark Williams, & the Office of the Dean of Students
Dennis & Cindy McCutchin
Lori Catanzaro
Ted Fischer
Dolores Black
Ryan Ortega
Megan Bowles & Student Health
Ed White
Betsy – our translator
Steven – our driver
Odra Flores
Axel Higueres
Carlos Esquit
Sheyla (at Pedro Bethancourt)

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