Sunday, March 13, 2016

Zip It Up Guatemala

Who says work and fun don't go together? We spent Saturday, our very last day in this beautiful country at the Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Tours and at the Artisian Market. 

At Filadelfia we took a coffee tour, zipped lined, bought souvenirs, and had lunch.



After finishing the coffee tour, we drove up the moutain and prepared to zip line!
The first time for some, the fifth time for others, either way, the excitement was high!
Step 1: suit up
Step 2: get hooked to the cable appropriately
Step 3: Jump and zip the line!

Sami, Dr. P., Ryan, Meredith, and Alison are geared up and ready to go

Professor Adams, Linus, and Joe lean back

Lydia waves to camera, Quinn takes a selfie
Dr. P. zips the line

Sami with open arms

Everybody say Zheese!
We had loads of fun!
Next stop, the Artisian market!
Joanna searches for the perfect gift

 Off to the airport back to Nashville!


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