Sunday, March 6, 2016

Arrival and Bravo!

First group photo in Guatemala. Tried from the long journey but glad for the safe arrival!
Special thanks to our photographer Sami!

   After a brief layover at the Washington Dulles airport, stretching our legs, getting drinks and food, and maybe digging into a few new books, we took off at promptly 7 pm to our final destination, Guatemala. Napping, reading and watching the funny airplane commercials definitely helped the five hours to fly by. After arriving at the La Aurora International Airport, picking up our checked luggage (We don't want to leave our equipment, do we?), and a smooth trip through customs, we were warmly greeted by our coordinator, Señorita Cecilia, and driver, Señor Henry, at the airport exit.
 We then took a nice car ride to our hotel at Casa de Nazarenos in Guatemala. After unloading our luggage, we regathered for a quick group debrief. Tired but really excited for the upcoming week, we manage to show our BME spririt with huge smiles in our first Guatemala group shot. Looking forward to brunch, the city tour, and some equipment fixing at the Moore Center tomorrow!
   A couple of shout-outs:
   - to our fellow Vandy Commodores whom we encountered at the airport! Good luck and Anchor Down in Guatemala!
   - to Dr. P., Ryan, Joe, and Linus for carrying extra bags of tools and equipment!

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