Monday, March 7, 2016

Film Production by Vandy and Del Valle

 We are ready to start a new day at the Moore Center!

7 am bright and early we had breakfast at the hotel! Delicioso! Professor Adams shared with us his dream and from there everyone shared their philosophy on where dreams come from.
With a full belly, we went to the Moore Center to work on our videos. In addition to our individual equipment assignment, we were also divided into three groups to make instructional videos about the blood pressure monitor, anesthesia ventilation, and anesthesia gas mixing and delivery. In each group, four students were assigned a role: videographer, audio, editor, and writer. Today we recorded footage and were joined by five students attending Universidad del Valle: Darwin, Ennio, Luis, Manuel and Christian. To say the least, everyone was super productive; we managed to record and even partially edit our videos! It was so great working and conversing with the Del Valle students. Jokingly Cassie told Luis (the Del Valle student) that Linus needed brain surgery, Luis replied with a smile “Sorry I am a dentist, but if you trust me I can do.”

Fun time with students from Unversidad del Valle! We are all getting so good at 'Passing the Pigs'!
After a few hours of work we took a lunch break and celebrated Professor Adam’s birthday. Shout out to Professor Adams, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
We then returned to working on our videos.
Meredith, Claire, Sami and Alison focused on explaining how to select the correct size of the blood pressure cuff, align blood vessels and take blood pressure measurements. Sami, the videographer made sure to capture the moment. Darwin, Alison, and team leader Meredith were the actors in the video and Claire, the writer, helped throughout the production.

Darwin volunteered for a blood pressure test with 'Dr. Meredith'
In the room across the hall the anesthesia ventilation team was working hard on their video. Lydia, Jasmine, Quinn, and Linus were also joined by Luis and Ennio. Their video focused on how to use a pulse oximeter, how to troubleshoot a ventilation hose and how to set up an anesthesia instrument. Team leader Lydia, made a plan, Luis and Ennio were our actors and Jasmine recorded the footage! When the footage was complete Quinn started to edit the video clips. Although Linus is the writer, today he helped throughout the whole process and was a valued team member.

Team checking Linus's oxygen saturation with the anesthesia machine
In the meanwhile, Cassie, Joe and Joanna, led by team leader Ryan, dedicated themselves to their new film making careers! Please look forward to their new production: Anesthesia II: Gas mixing and delivery. Coming soon. They successfully collected all the clips with the anesthesia machine with great help and feedback from Christian and Manuel. Their video focused on the mixing and delivery of gas on the anesthesia machine, and they worked closely together to go through the schematic views of the vaporizer, mixing board, and anesthesia delivering circuit. Cassie volunteered bravely to take the role as the actress in the video, and did a great job on leading us through the machine functions. Plus, she looked fabulous in the medical robe! Joe, our videographer, dominated the whole shooting with the camera in his hands. Ryan, our rising Oscar director, consulted meticulously with Christian and Manuel to make sure that the anesthesia system video footage was loud and clear. In fact, they worked together, along with the technician from Moore Center, and were able to rearrange the manual ventilation and patient delivery system into the proper place. 

Look at all the beautiful colors! Go Team Rainbow!

Highlights of the day:
- Happy Birthday to Professor Adams!
- We ran into Vanderbilt Project Pyramid at the Moore Center! How exciting to meet our fellow commodores in Guatemala!
- Passing the Pigs with the del Valle students! Playing games is always a good way to create bonds!
- Along with other new students from the Universidad del Valle, we will be working with Darwin, Christian, and Ennio again tomorrow at Hospital Infantil de Juan Pablo II!
- Team Rainbow at the Moore Center!
-  Dinner at La Estancia Steak House! Woohoo!

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