Sunday, March 4, 2012

We have arrived!

Dear loved ones,
Rest assured; we have arrived safely in Guatemala City! All students showed up on time to leave Vanderbilt and the flight to Dallas was exceptionally easy. Eerily easy, some may say. The turbulence flying into Guatemala was noteworthy, but the adventure started upon arrival. With our faces glued to the windows, looking at the sprawling city, Evan pulled a quick joke about leaving his passport on the plane.
A joke, right?

Nope. Evan and Corey rushed back to the plane to beg an airport employee to go to seat 28A on the plane that just landed. With minimal confidence, Evan returned to customs empty-handed. Our fearless leader, Dr. P, stayed behind while the rest of the team casually passed through customs and hoped for the best. An appropriately dramatic length of time later, Evan and Dr. P emerge triumphantly.

Crisis averted, we pass through the second stage of customs and meet our Shalom Foundation heroes, Claudia and Tommy. They led us all safely to our cozy hotel for the night.

Mallette, Danny, and Erica will be presenting their research at Universidad del Valle bright and early tomorrow morning. We look forward to our first day of work and beautiful Guatemalan sunshine.

Until then!

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  1. This is Evan's mom having a heart attack. What happened to that nifty passport case, Evan? Keep that passport close at hand! Stay safe and have fun.