Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thank You!

On behalf of the students, Thank You! We are so appreciative of all the support we received and all the people who made this experience possible. First and foremost, thank you Dr. P for arranging this experience. This course provided a wonderful capstone for those interested in low-resource healthcare and broadened the perspective of future engineer, doctor, and business person among us. Few and far between are opportunities like this where students can apply and develop skills simultaneously and the fruit of their labor is not a letter on a piece of paper soon to be recycled, but is a new chance at life given to those dependent upon the equipment we serviced. Thank you, Dr. Paschal.

Dr. P was always quick to redirect praise to the Shalom Foundation, so I will follow her lead. Thank you, Tommy Sanders, Kevin McQuaig, Claudia Hurtarte, and the rest of the Shalom Foundation for providing us with a means to accomplish the lofty goals we set before ourselves. We could not have had this experience if it weren't for your experience in logistics, your presence in Nashville and Guatemala, and your support in-country. Your work inspires us to share our skills and passion with our neighbors around the world.

A warm thank you to Dr. Matthew Walker III. As our second faculty advisor and co-leader, Dr. Walker  shared his extensive expertise in medical equipment and treatment. Thank you for sparking great conversations and reflection periods at dinner and sharing your observations on the unique features of low-resource healthcare.

We have a long list of people who made this trip possible. Certainly, this list can be even longer if I could personally thank each of you who read this blog! The value of this experience is greatly amplified by sharing and encouraging others to advocate and serve in the way that suits them best. Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

Warm thanks to:
Our translators Jorge Santizo, Pablo Castaneda, and Juan-Jose
Moore Pediatric Surgical Center
Professor Carlos Esquit
Sergio Perez
Odra Flores
Vanderbilt NICU
Vilma de Perez
Megan Bowles
Avery Dickens de Giron
Center for Latin American Studies
Tina Shaw
Brenda Ellis
Patti Landers
John Dunbar
Ray Erlandson
Steve Wadley
VUSE Dean's Office
Smith & Nephew
Edwin Garcia and Alfredo Duarte
Stephanie Smith
Michelle Kovash
Becky Spires
F Clark Williams
Amanda Lowery
Kenny Moore
Nina Warnke
Teresa Rogers
Suzanne Thingpen

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