Thursday, March 1, 2012

Final Preparations

Danny practices his presentation to be given at the Universidad del Valle
A mere two days from now we will be flying to Guatemala City to begin our Service Learning experience!

We have researched our assigned medical equipment and are prepared to troubleshoot and repair on-site. We have acquired service manuals, donations, and Becca even designed a new Bilirubin light! With our bags packed, we are excitedly looking forward to putting our freshly refined tinkering and Spanish skills to work.

After a late flight Sunday night and an early rise Monday morning, we will have a mini-conference with students at Universidad del Valle and work in the Moore Pediatric Surgical Center in the afternoon. Then we will drive to Antigua where we will be working at Pedro de Bethancourt Hospital and Hermano Pedro Hospital for the next few days. On Saturday, we will take a mini-vacation by hiking the Pacaya volcano and gift shopping for loved ones (by reading this blog, your chances of a gift are at least tripled!).

We will keep this blog lively, colorful, and active with daily posts. Please feel free to leave comments! We look forward to sharing this experience with you as we learn more about the culture and healthcare system in Guatemala City and Antigua.

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