Sunday, March 2, 2014

Flashes, Crashes, and Splashes (potential splashes anyways)

As we finished the final leg of our trip to Guatemala City, the excitement continued to grow as we looked forward commencing with a great week. Reading and naps helped the plane ride pass as we flew over Central America, and before we knew it we were on the ground at the Aeropuerto Internacional de Aurora. Many in the group immediately noticed differences such as the lower lighting in the airport compared to those we’d left in the US, and we also benefitted from the reminder to not flush toilet paper (no plumbing problems to speak of yet ;) ). After a stop at the currency exchange window and quick trip through customs, we were warmly greeted by our hosts Berta and Carty at luggage claim.
House of the Nazarenes. It's like we are in Israel!
Except in Guatemala
The group took a cozy, scenic bus ride to the hotel, courtesy of our driver Israel. After witnessing our first car accident in guatemala we soon made it to our lodging at Casa de Nazarenos. We unloaded our luggage and reconvened for a quick group meeting, enjoying the evening breeze from the comfortable open-air courtyard. Chris managed to get his hands on Sara’s camera and snap some glamour shots of unsuspecting Orlando, and we all successfully avoided taking a swim in the fountain we posed at for our first group photo in Guatemala!

Our group, evidently tired from the trip. Chris managed to keep from falling into the fountain with some impressive straddling skills. Dr. P is taking the picture. Notice the fancy name tags.

Tomorrow's plan is to head over to the Moore Pediatric Surgery Clinic. Here several surgeons from around the world travel to provide their services for the clinic. We will be starting the day off at 8 am with some bread, juice, and refried beans. Let's go! 

Some notable things from the day:
  • The turbulence. 
  • Subway is a life saver
  • Dr. P can speak spanish. Who knew?!
  • Chris and Jake are avid wrestlers

Did anyone bring toothpaste??

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